Tuesday, January 30, 2007

February Challenge

I know everybody has been patiently waiting for the challenges to begin. Well the wait is over. Drum roll please....... February's challenge is to create an item from polymer clay with the theme of Romance. Love is in the air as Valentines is fast approaching, so we thought we would use a little bit of that creative energy to challenge you to create something romantic. You can create anything, jewelry, a puppet, buttons, whatever your heart desires as long as it fits the theme and is made from polymer clay. Once you have completed your challenge item, you must send me a picture of it before midnight February 23. I will post all of the entries on the blog by February 26th and will open up the voting for other etsy sellers to pick the winner. The winner will be announce on March 1! The winner will receive some supplies sent in by missficklemedia.etsy.com and some donations from another sponsor to be named later in the month. Don't worry, it will definately be a prize worth winning! If you have any specific questions, please convo me! Now go get to work on your new masterpieces!

Don't forget to send me your donations for the voting winner! If you need my address, please convo me ASAP!

Tamara - blockpartypress.etsy.com


altjoujou said...

Very exciting!
I know what I'll do... if I can get my lettering kit back from my sister!
Almost ready to send a prize donation, too.
Thanks for keeping us posted!

Amanda said...

Thanks, I really hope I can get one done.

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