Saturday, January 27, 2007

Frustration...and cold fronts

Wow, could you feel the waves of frustration coming off me in my last post? Sometimes that is how I feel though. Good thing a cold front moved thru S. Florida. I went to a fabulous art & craft show today in Wellington, where I bought copper flowers for my backyard garden, a 1/2 lb chocolate chip cookie, and decided that I need a Red Kapok tree for my yard. When I get a yard of my own, that is. Kapok trees are from India (Surprise, surprise!!!) and have large red flowers that look like teacups. But they grow to 70 feet! Not something I want to train to grow in a pot.

On a funner note, the Guild founder, Ilysa, and I are going to meet in less than a month! A roadtrip she is taking in Feb. will bring her within 5 miles of my home, so we decided to have coffee and snap some group hug pictures. An awesome opportunity for online friends. So many of us will never meet, so this is just fantastic!!!

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altjoujou said...

That DOES sound like fun! ...The craft show, the Kapok tree, and meeting up with Ilysa...!

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